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Presidents Bowl Committee Volunteers needed.

Presidents Bowl Committee is a non-profit corporation committed to the fundraising and support of the booster clubs of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt High Schools in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Each year, a committee of parent-volunteers plan and execute a variety of fundraising activities including a football game, basketball tournament, and youth camps. The Presidents Bowl Committee’s vision for the future, is to continue to grow each event, and add additional events, with a strong focus on the integration of the public schools and the community. The success of the Presidents Bowl has been made possible by the generous support of hundreds of merchants in the Sioux Falls business community. The Presidents Bowl Committee has raised nearly two million dollars for over 50 programs within Roosevelt, Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln high schools. Money raised at the annual events is divided up between the 4 public high schools and helps to pay for travel, uniforms, equipment, and programs that have provided and enhanced educational opportunities for students.

Each of the Sioux Falls School District High Schools needs to provide 3 committee members to work with an outside company to help plan the events. Please let your WHS Booster Club Board know if you are interested in helping. 

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